You, not us.

Level C isn’t about us. It’s about you.

When everyone zigs, you zag.

You simplify the complexities.

You don’t play it safe because safe sucks.

You hate lazy strategy and generic creativity.

You won’t use a hundred words when ten will do.

You won’t use ten when a picture will do.

You are the people’s voice in the room.

You see bullshit, and seize ideas.

You bring all of this to the table.
No, the BIG table.

OK, fine.

We have bios. But our stories tell you so much more.

Marty Neumeier

Managing Partner


Decided to be a graphic designer at age seven.

Auditioned for the Monkees. Didn’t get the gig. Their loss.

Settled in Silicon Valley with his wife in 1984.
That’s when it really changed.

Nearly ran over Steve Jobs in the street years later.

Published the first magazine about design thinking.

Discovered a genius for business strategy and shared it with the world.

Wrote the book that changed business.
It’s been read by 26+ million people…and counting.

Co-founded Level C to teach you what NOT to do.

Andy Starr

Managing Partner


Studied literature and moonlighted as a drummer.
He’s still confused.

Jammed with James Taylor. Didn’t get the gig.
Went into finance. Now you’re confused.

Read THE BRAND GAP, written by some dude. Chased brand strategy. Hasn’t looked back.

Got a coffee jones, won awards, met the Pope.

Imagined credential’d workshops in brand.
Called the BRAND GAP dude.

Co-founded LEVEL C to help you scare the shit out of business and better serve people.