Masterclass 3


Key Details

  • Pricing


  • Length

    40+ Hours

  • Location

    Hybrid: Online+Live

  • Certification

    Brand Architect

  • Pre-Requisite

    Level C Masterclasses 1 + 2

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Enroll Now

Masterclass 3 sets you up for higher-level brand management by exploring the structural and functional elements of brand, and framing brand architecture in the context of customers.

You’ll explore how and why brand architecture goes beyond a 2-dimensional concept of brand extensions and their positions relative to each other in a company’s portfolio of products. Using the core principles from Marty’s ahead-of-its-time book, METASKILLS, you’ll learn how to see brand in 3 dimensions—across products, within internal structures, and with depth of field as you consider the customer’s perspective. And, you’ll roll up your sleeves to practice these new principles using the Swarming method of creative collaboration, designed to attack a challenge from multiple angles at once.

To raise the stakes in this workshop, and to make it as valuable for you as possible, Masterclass 3 will challenge you to master the principles of brand architecture by applying them through a collaboration with a real-world brand that will be your guest “client” in the room with you. Each session of Masterclass 3 will feature a different brand client, and your performance will be evaluated by them, just as your thinking and prototyping will be considered for use in the client’s day-to-day business.

Who Should Attend

The midway point of Level C’s brand mastery program is designed for creatives and strategists who want to direct brand building at senior levels.

You’re able to see bigger pictures, greater depths, and potential structures. You embrace the empty space to position and design brands that tower above their categories and competitors.

What You’ll Learn

  • The architectural relationship between brand and business
  • Customer perception and interaction with brand architecture
  • How brand architecture influences customer experience
  • Using defensive design to withstand challenger brands
  • Planning and creating a Tower brand
  • Scaffolding, portals, and modularity—architectural nuances to command as the driver of all things brand

About the Instructors

Marty Neumeier is an international author, designer, and brand adviser committed to bringing the principles and processes of design to business. His series of “whiteboard” books have changed the way brand has brought business forward, including ZAG, named one of the “Top Hundred Business Books of All Time,” THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY, a bestselling guide to nonstop innovation, and, most famously, THE BRAND GAP, read by tens of millions of professionals around the world.

About the Instructors

Andy Starr is an award-winning brand architect with a background in finance and branding.  He has a special focus and passion for the intersection of business, brand, and education.

No business-changing whiteboard books…yet.