Masterclass 1


Key Details

  • Pricing

    $1,500 – Individual
    $2,250 – C-Class

  • Length

    15-20 Hours

  • Format

    Zoom Online
    Live Workshops

  • Certification

    Brand Specialist

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Enroll Now

Masterclass 1 kicks off brand mastery with principles, definitions, and techniques that fuel DISRUPTIVE THINKING—the foundation for modern branding. This interactive workshop is designed to get you comfortable with being uncomfortable, and confident with rapid and provocative ideation.

Explore core disciplines in differentiation, collaboration, innovation, validation, and cultivation. Set yourself up for strategic thinking with the Brand Commitment Matrix, and the positioning principle of Onlyness. Practice applying what you learn in competitive pressure-cooker team exercises.

Speak the language of brand to discuss, defend, and impact the branding process. And, expand your professional network with fellow international brand-masters-in-the-making.


Who Should Attend

Level C is an open exchange of perspectives for skills in branding and business management:

For creatives who want to be more strategic, and strategists who want to level-up with disruptive creativity.

For marketers to amplify their efforts with smart branding, and managers who want to keep their charges “on brand.”

For entrepreneurs who want to build a brand-driven organization, CMOs who want to evolve into CBOs (Chief Brand Officers), and CEOs who want to create cultures of nonstop innovation.

“Level C is the only branding school in the world that is worth investing in. I know because I tried all the other ones who claim ‘expertise’…in 5 years, if not sooner, Level C grads will be the most fought after talent by Fortune 500s—if they can afford them.”

Prince R. , CEO & Chief Strategist

I’ve been able to see theories and books I’ve studied for years come to life in person. An honour to be in the company of the hosts. Not only that but I’ve met kindred spirits who are aligned in thinking and work—I’ve made life long connections, friends, and colleagues who support each other every day.

Lauren J., Founder + Director

Level C is different because it’s more than theory. We didn’t just learn the five disciplines of brand; as teams, we collaborated and applied proven principles to actual companies and critiqued the results. Level C connects me with a tribe of like-minded professionals who become partners and collaborators.

Brian S., President & Author

The hard earned wisdom that I’ve absorbed from Marty is unmatched. It’s quite something to learn from a legend.

Greg D., Principal & Creative Director

I came to Level C with a desire to affirm what I thought I knew about branding and maybe pick up a few tricks to bring back to the people and clients we serve. What I walked away with was not a one size fits all, step by step process, but deeper understanding. An understanding that there are multiple pathways to reaching what we know is brand and success…I don’t know if there is a masters or online program that provides this level of insight. If you are interested in being a part of a global family of brand practitioners who create bonds through doing the work, then Level C is the leveling up you need.

Marshall S., Principal & Creative-N-Chief

When you get a chance to learn from the true masters of their field, do you take it? OF COURSE YOU DO! I encourage everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about brands and branding to take a Brand Masterclass from Level C. Marty and Andy were absolutely amazing — so engaged and thoughtful with all their feedback and guidance. This is not a sit back and listen class, you are expected to work and demonstrate the concepts you’re learning.

Nancy E., Creative Director

Do you know the feeling when every word spoken, every thought shared, every idea born makes your professional world grow bigger, smarter, braver and more confident? I’ve joined two masterclasses so far and can’t wait for more. I would rather keep Marty’s and Andy’s brand knowledge for myself—but sharing their exceptional teaching might make the branding world so much better. I got a better job, am better paid now, and what is most important, I understand my customers better and can deliver them better branding solutions. Don’t even think it’s just another course on branding. It’s a lifetime experience, I’m deeply thankful to the universe to have joined this story.

Maja O., Chief Visionary Officer

I have taken both Brand Specialist and Brand Strategist with Level C and they have been an excellent way to reinforce and expand many of the concepts from Marty Neumeier’s brilliant books. The courses are very well-designed to enable a high-value, high-intensity learning environment. They also provide the opportunity to work and connect with other brand and marketing professionals from all over the world. Unlike more conventional marketing courses, with Level C, you will come away with your passion for brand rekindled and your mind fizzing with new ideas and ways to build better brands.

Jon S., Strategy Director

If you’re a Designful entrepreneur and strategy has you Scrambled, develop your Metaskills and Zag through the crowd with Marty Neumier’s Level C Masterclass! You’ll Flip once you bridge the Gap and realize you know the A-Z of brand. It’s genius – 46 ways and then some!

Jacob C., Brand Consultant

Since my workshop with Marty and Andy, I have scaled myself from a small freelancing business to a branding agency with 14 staff inside of 12 months. They gave me the confidence, insight, and foundation I needed to scale rapidly and garner substantial results for now over 186 clients. I was able to draw lines in the sand to be able to distinguish what was the difference between sloppy and poorly executed branding, and differentiated and impactful branding. I was able to outline stronger client, not only in design but with good messaging, positioning, differentiation, and copywriting. Marty & Andy have handed me the toolbox to grow my agency as big and as fast as I want.

Dain W., Founder & CEO

Level C is a unique community of extraordinary leaders and the top quality brand builders who unify under the same vision. The prestige status of being certified in brand building by the mastermind of our era in branding is a thing every brand builder would love to have. No doubt, by just adding Level C certified brand strategist on LinkedIn next to your name makes a difference in how others in the industry would perceive you.

Hamza N., Principal and Brand Strategist

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Level C’s training helped me gain confidence and validation, make global connections with like-minded peers and learn from one of the greatest minds in branding. Marty’s thinking and approach is literally putting food on my table and enabled me to win awards, work with amazing clients, become a better keynote speaker and transition from designer to consultant.

Matt D., Brand & Culture Strategy Consultant

I’m so glad I completed Level C because presenting design work to Marty Neumeier is something I’ll never forget! The first time I read Marty’s books was at Uni fifteen years ago, and it was a great to hear him explain those theories and answer everyone’s questions. Thanks to the course I made some new connections, gained a deeper understanding of branding, and my confidence got a big boost too!

Sean M., Designer

I’m inspired by the passion Andy and Marty have for teaching ambitious entrepreneurs/creatives like myself how to do what we love. I’ve met the most genuine people in my group and am still learning from them 4 months later. It’s been an unforgettable experience for me. The Level C tribe has given me the confidence and motivation to build a brand I’m proud of, and I am excited to develop it further with the tools I took from this Masterclass. What makes them different? Empathy, empathy, empathy. Andy and Marty genuinely care and knows what is needed to get you “there”.

Janine M., Entrepreneur

What sets Level C apart from the competition isn’t just their proven industry expertise but also the practical nature of the courses that solidify skills. The emphasis on putting  the learning into practice straight away was a great way to engage with others and reinforce the skills we had been taught. I’ve used terminology and processes in my day-to-day business and the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. I have added confidence in my abilities and feel I’m beginning to master an area that I absolutely love. I would absolutely recommend the courses to others.

Tom B., Brand Strategist

When I work with clients, I find myself returning to Level C definitions, materials, and frameworks more than any other. I use Level C learnings in my daily brand strategy practice as well as keynotes on brand strategy that I’ve been delivering around the world. Clients are impressed by the certification, and have shared that this was a nice vote of confidence when selecting a brand partner. For me, the Level C learning environment—teams of professionals working on brands—is what puts this program over the top. Thank you Marty and Andy—your Level C programs are truly world class and a must for any branding profession who’s committed to learning and getting better.

Marc G., Founder | Strategist

Completing the Level C Brand Specialist course resulted in our agency being awared our highest paying branding project to date. A contact on LinkedIn saw my post about the course and it quite simply gave us the edge.

Matt C., Strategy Director

I am the owner of a branding and design agency. I also balance my time with a family of young children. Because of that, I have not prioritized professional development in quite a few years. That is until now. The Level C community is hard to ignore. With legend, Marty Neumeier, at the helm and provocateur, Andy Starr, as his co-pilot, I said sign me up. The first course did not disappoint, and I’m now hooked. I have been able to implement new strategies and exercises into my business, and gain a host of amazing and accomplished connections. My main takeaway is that this is worth it…worth the time, energy, and investment in yourself.

Corey P., Creative Principal

The masterclasses were brilliant, not only because we get to learn from Marty directly, and get his feedback on our projects, but because the way Andy and Marty train us is not around following a formula or methodology, they taught us how to think on our feet and get to the heart of the matter with our clients. Since joining the Level C tribe, my brand strategy workshops have leveled up, and I am able to bring my client’s stories and vision further, because I know how to extract all their brilliance and turn it into a brand. There is no formula for that.

Martha G., CEO & Founder

Since my Brand Master Class in 2019, my business (nationally and internationally) has won 10 awards which include Most Innovative Branding Consultancy along with Best in Branding.

For me, the only option would be to learn from the best. I didn’t want to waste my time with mediocre. If you want premium, look no further.

Yasmin V., Founder & Strategist

What You’ll Learn

  • Definitions and meanings: the language of brand
  • Rapid and disruptive ideation
  • Principles of Design Thinking + Design Doing
  • Introduction to brand valuation
  • Framing the balance between marketing + mattering
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  • Powerful ways to differentiate a brand
  • Bridging the gap between right-brain and left-brain thinking
  • The difference between branding and marketing
  • Onlyness + foundations of strategic positioning
  • Customer identity patterns
  • The law of collaboration
  • The needs of collaboration
  • Techniques for creative collaboration
  • How you can lead a brainstorm
  • How personality type relates to roles you could play
  • Divergent vs. convergent thinking
  • How to design for a “natural reading sequence”
  • How to quick-test prototypes
  • Effective approaches to making presentations

About the Instructors

Andy Starr is an award-winning brand architect with a background in finance and branding.  He has a special focus and passion for the intersection of business, brand, and education.

No business-changing whiteboard books…yet.

About the Instructors

Marty Neumeier is an international author, designer, and brand adviser committed to bringing the principles and processes of design to business.

His series of “whiteboard” books have changed the way brand has brought business forward, including ZAG, named one of the “Top Hundred Business Books of All Time,” THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY, a bestselling guide to nonstop innovation, and, most famously, THE BRAND GAP, read by tens of millions of professionals around the world.