What are the differences between each Masterclass?

Our Masterclass program is progressive—you start with level 1 and progress to level 2, and so on.

Masterclass 1 is foundational, and focuses on definitions and five key disciplines of branding.

Masterclass 2 is focused on Brand Strategy.

Masterclass 3 is focused on Brand Architecture.

Masterclasses 4 and 5 will focus on brand management at executive and C-Suite levels.

Can I skip a Masterclass level?

Nope. As a progressive program, our Masterclasses build on each other. And, even the most experienced and talented brand professionals discover new ways of thinking about brand when they begin with Masterclass 1.

What if I don’t pass a Masterclass?

Pay attention, engage the material and your team members, and you’ll be fine. Check emails, surf TikTok, or build your Pinterest board, and you may not be fine.

If, for some reason, you didn’t pass a Masterclass, you’d have the opportunity to take the class again FOR FREE during a future session.

Can I take the same Masterclass more than once?

Yes! Contact us if you want to do that, we’d be happy to accommodate.

What is the format of a Masterclass?

The overall format of our Masterclasses is a series of modules of academic presentations by Marty and Andy, with team exercises and team presentations in between.

Modules feature principles, diagrams and other visual content.

Team exercises challenge you and your team to apply the principles and concepts in each module, and to present your team’s thinking to us and the rest of the class. Exercises are highly collaborative, and are designed to be almost impossible to fully complete—this pushes you to focus and simplify your thinking and execution, which is a core principle of branding. We critique your work in real time, which helps you and the rest of the class, as this is where the real learning happens.

Each session will also feature dedicated Q+A modules, so you’ll always be able to ask us your pressing questions and also provoke deeper discussion on principles and concepts.

Do I have to be on a team in a Masterclass?

Yes—collaboration is a core discipline of brand, and key to our method of guiding your pursuit of brand mastery.

We all work in teams in our daily lives and careers. This business art can’t survive in a vacuum. And, we’ve seen how our students learn as much from each other as they do from us. So embrace the challenge to collaborate with a group of uniquely talented and committed brand professionals for several days, you’ll amplify the value of the Masterclass 10x over.

What if I don’t like the members of my Masterclass team?

That’s OK, you don’t have to like them. But you have to work with them, you have to be respectful, and they have to do the same with you.

What if my team doesn’t do good work during the Masterclass—will I fail the class?

That’s OK too, and your team exercises and presentations DO NOT factor in whether or not you pass Masterclass 1 or 2 (it may factor in Masterclass 3).

Can I use one of my real-world clients, or my company, in the Masterclass exercises?

No—we’ve designed Masterclass exercises with very careful intent. We don’t allow students to use their own clients or businesses in team exercises.

But, the principles that we teach, and which you practice by applying them through the class exercises, are also designed for you to practice and apply as soon as you go back to work with clients and your colleagues!

Are there any requirements to taking a Masterclass?

There are no requirements to taking Masterclass 1, but there are requirements for Masterclass 2 and above. You must successfully complete the preceding level to be able to register for the next level.

How can my company/brand be a guest client for Masterclass 3?

YES (We know that wasn’t the kind of question you ask, but just saying). Definitely contact us for that conversation.

Can Level C deliver a private session of a Masterclass to my team or company?

Yes. Contact us to start that conversation.

Can Level C do a live Masterclass in my city?

Maybe. Contact us to start that conversation.

Artisan Workshops

What is the difference between a Masterclass and an Artisan workshop?

Our Masterclasses are broader learning experiences led by Marty Neumeier that give you a chance to collaborate with other professionals and earn Level C credentials upon successful completion of each Masterclass.

Our Artisan workshops are short-form workshops co-led by Level C and a carefully-selected expert in a niche discipline of branding. They are deep dives into the Artisan’s unique expertise, and are designed to compliment the broader Masterclasses with particular focus. Each Artisan workshop carries a Level C Artisan’s badge that you receive upon the completion of the workshop.

Do I have to take Artisan workshops in a certain order?

No—you may take any Artisan workshops, in any order, that you want.

What is the format of an Artisan workshop?

Artisan workshops follow formats similar to Masterclasses, though it will depend on the Artisan leading their particular workshop. They will be shorter than Masterclasses—anywhere from 2-5 hours; some may be more of a lecture, or they may be more of an interactive practicum.

Are there any requirements to taking an Artisan workshop?

At this time there are no requirements to take an Artisan workshop, though we may hold some that could carry specific requirements. Please review each workshop’s descriptions for information on possible requirements.

Can Level C deliver a private session of an Artisan workshop to my team or company?

Yes. Contact us to start that conversation.

Can Level C do a live Artisan workshop in my city?

Maybe. Contact us to start that conversation.

Teaching Formats & Language

Are your Masterclasses and Artisan workshops always live?

No—due to Covid-19, we moved our Masterclasses and Artisan workshops online, using Zoom as our main platform.

When it is safe and practical, we will begin to hold live sessions of our Masterclasses and Artisan workshops. We’ll continue to hold sessions online, and plan to introduce hybrid versions of Masterclasses, featuring a mix of online and live learning.

Will you ever have pre-recorded versions of your Masterclasses or workshops?

We plan to offer pre-recorded versions of Masterclasses 1+2 beginning in 2022.

English isn’t my first language—will it be difficult for me to follow and understand the workshops?

The content of the workshops is in English, and we deliver the workshops in formal and conversational English. Our students have come from more than 40 countries around the world. We encourage you to be honest with yourself about your proficiency and comfort in hearing, following, and speaking in English, but we do try to speak simply, a bit more slowly, and clearly so that you have every opportunity to understand and keep up. If you struggle to understand anything, we want you to ask for help and support.

Are any of your materials translated in other languages?

The materials of the Masterclasses and Artisan workshops are in English. Some of Marty’s books have been translated into other languages, and may be found on Amazon in your region, or through Marty’s personal website, www.martyneumeier.com.

Are Masterclasses and/or Artisan workshops recorded, so I can watch later or again if I miss or don’t understand something?

Masterclasses are recorded as backup in the event of technology failure, or if you have to unexpectedly miss a class session. We make the recordings available on a case-by-case basis. In 2022, we plan to offer pre-recorded sessions of Masterclasses 1+2.

Member Profiles

How can I make a profile on Level C’s website?

Right now, only Masterclass students are invited to make profiles on our website.

What will I need to make my profile?

You’ll need a headshot of yourself—black and white, 1000×1000, and professional in composition. No avatars or photos of you doing keg stands. It should be a headshot you’d want a Fortune 500 brand to see if they were looking for a brand professional.

We’ll give you more detailed instructions when you’re invited to create your profile.

Do I have to have a profile?

Nope—we built this website to be a valuable tool for you to use as you navigate the professional landscape. Profiles are designed to be search, shared, and to connect you with brands looking for your expertise. But you have no obligation to use the site that way, and you have no obligation to create a profile.

What if I want to have a profile but not be reachable?

That’s OK—you’ll have control over what information and details are visible.

I haven’t taken a Masterclass but I’ve taken some of your Artisan workshops. Can I make a profile?

No. At this time, membership profiles are available only to people who have taken at least Masterclass 1.

More Level C

Do Marty and/or Andy do keynotes or private workshops?

We do. Contact us to discuss.

Does Level C consult or provide branding services to client businesses?

We may. Contact us to start a conversation.

Why is everyone else on Instagram and YouTube, but Level C isn’t?

Because everyone else is on Instagram and YouTube!

No seriously, we’ve been super busy breaking new ground in the brandscape. But be patient—we’re planning to dial up the wattage soon. Original thinking in digestible nuggets across familiar channels, in a way only we could do it.